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Preston Scholarship

Since 2006, the Flying Dolphins have presented a $500 college scholarship to one of the eligible senior swimmers in honor of Joe and Rebecca Preston. These two former Presidents of MAFD changed the direction of the Dolphins, and with their continued support, prove to show true leadership and dedication to our team and the sport in East Tennessee. In honor of that dedication, the Preston Scholarship was established in 2006. The purpose of the scholarship is to acknowledge, reward, and promote qualities of good character, leadership, and teamwork with student athletes currently enrolled and participating with the Dolphin Swim Team. 

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Jackie Stroh Award

The Dolphins are all about volunteering and commitment. The parents are the sweat and equity of the team and all that they do is unparallel to making sure each season runs as successfully as it does. The Jackie Stroh Award recognizes those tireless parents and friends.

An outstanding volunteer, Jackie Stroh was a strong supporter for the Flying Dolphins until her passing in December 2001. Her husband, Chase, also passed in 2008. They are survived by their daughter, Sarah, and son, Abe.

In honor of her continuous support, the Dolphins began the Jackie Stroh award in 2003 and awarded it to Jackie posthumously. Each year, we continue to honor Mrs. Stroh by recognizing outstanding Dolphin volunteers. The most outstanding volunteer is voted on by the Dolphin Board and presented with the Jackie Stroh Award at the end of year party. A plaque with the names of the Jackie Stroh Award winners is kept and updated each year. A new brass name plate is added each year to the plaque with that year’s award winner by the Dolphin Treasurer.

Previous award winners

  • 2021 – Amy Correa
  • 2020 – (N/A due to Covid)
  • 2019 – Stewart Schmidt
  • 2018 – Alisa Riser
  • 2017 – Bill & Jessica Offerman
  • 2016 – Mark Peiper
  • 2015 – Steve & Lisa Benedict
  • 2014 – Thomas McCall
  • 2013 – Darunee Lawson
  • 2012 – Lisa Best
  • 2011 – Sue Thompson
  • 2010 – Susan McCourry
  • 2009 – Dave Thompson
  • 2008 – Becky vanderVeen
  • 2007 – Steve Mosadegh
  • 2006 – David Lazar
  • 2005 – Melanie Barbo
  • 2004 – Keith Lambert
  • 2003 – Pat Green
  • 2002 – Jackie Stroh 
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